Asya Motor was established in 2003, was purchased in 2006 by Turkey Generic Group continues to serve users of motorcycles.

Generic Group, as a family company established in Istanbul in 1971. Our group consists of companies, all the family. Generic Group, the strength, experience and grow within a short time owing to the tenacity of Turkey has become one of the most important groups. Doggedly to be the best ever and all the work of self-determination principle and as a result, his work has become the best in all works.

Sustainable growth strategy, the most powerful companies in the motorcycle industry, one of Turkey ASYA MOTOR, characteristic of the domestic producers did with the hundreds of thousands of motorcycle owner. The demands of its customers with an online system, responds with 250 dealers and 400 service points. Nazilli'deki manufacturing plants that employ 200 people in Asya Motor, primarily to employees of motorcycle dealers and users of services, quality, accurate, and fast service to moral principle. Asya Motor in Turkey, by investing the motorcycle, the motorcycle and quality to continue to grow, aiming to deliver more affordable to customers. Which is constantly open to change and innovation will continue to always be growing and developing Asya Motor ...

All employees, dealers and motorcycle users the highest quality services, accurate, and fast service to the principle of moral MOTOR ASYA Aydin Nazilli 21.000 m² closed area are widespread throughout the plant produces motorcycles, Turkey, the exclusive dealer and service network serving ASYA MOTOR, Soysal within the group related to production within a short time has elapsed, such as 6 months and completed all the procedures established in the first engine manufacturing plant with latest technology Aydin Nazilli'deki MANUFACTURER position from an importing company was producing.
ASYA MOTOR motorcycle manufacturing facilities with an annual capacity of 150,000 motorcycle transportation problems of people with a fast, practical, economical motorcycles are offering alternatives. Constantly open to improvement and change, our company guarantee GROUP DIRECTORY Turkey and aims to become among the world's elite motorcycle.

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